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You will no doubt already be performing Project Governance processes within your organisation. Project Governance should be ensuring that you “do the right things”. However, we must not lose the sight of the requirements to “do things right”, that is where Project Assurance comes in. Both technical and business driven projects will benefit from Project Assurance. Project Assurance is about ensuring that your project adopts best practice, runs perfectly and delivers within time, budget and quality constraints. Your project deliverables should have clear acceptance criteria or quality assessment criteria. Quality Management should via periodical quality review processes ensure that you are on target to meet the acceptance requirements.


Business driven projects should additionally demand strict Business Readiness reviews. These will ultimately guarantee that business change can be introduced into the BAU world without impacting either the business or the customer. These should additionally undertake strict risk assessment to ensure any type of risk whether Credit, Reputational or Operational has strict management or mitigation activities in place. These should be undertaken via the identification of a number of key checks and controls that can be monitored and assessed to help reach either a Go or a NoGo decision.


Strict documentation control will ensure that you have a track record or audit trail of all activities, all decisions and all changes at every step.


Finally, Implementation & Post Implementation reviews and Embedding reviews ensure that the project or business change “lands” without issue.

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