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Projects can have a number of opposing dimensions. They can be technical or equally business driven. They can be “Fixed-Price” particularly when undertaking projects run by a third party. Alternatively, and probably more normally, can be run on a “Time and Materials” basis. Finally, the way in which a project is managed can be “Waterfall” (all the scope and therefore, all of the requirements are cleared defined and fully documented, and additionally timescales are well understood); or can be “Agile” (the objectives may be clear, but the size, cost, how and when it may be delivered and is largely unknown). In the Agile environment, the build and delivery tend to be divided into a number of three / four week sprints; and therefore is scoped as the project progresses. Unlike Waterfall, Agile projects tend to be documentation light. Agile projects work well where complexity is light and where the scope is not clearly defined. Projects can also be totally or partially resourced using off-shore solutions, typically from the Indian sub-continent.


Programmes and Projects will normally follow some form of methodologies such Prince 2, MSP, PMI/PMP. APM or ITIL. All projects should follow strict Risk, Issue & Change management principles regardless of the type of project. All projects could be candidates for procurement and requirements in these cases will be in the form of Request for Proposal (RFP). Technical projects tend to adopt a “Full Life Cycle development” process, which takes the project from inception through to full implementation and integration.


Technical projects can be categorised as either Web, Mainframe. Desktop and even Mobile.

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